Anil Banerjee has over eleven years experience as an ENT Consultant in one of the largest university teaching hospitals in the United Kingdom. He has a national and international reputation and lectures widely both in the UK and abroad on a variety of ENT subjects including imbalance and cosmetic nasal surgery.

His private practice is based in Leicester and he has clinics and operating sessions each week at:

He has written over 70 research papers and has advised the BBC and other organisations including Spire Hospitals and the Department of Health on the treatment of ENT conditions. He has been recognised by his peers by being voted on to the council of the British Society of Otology and is now in his second term as a Council Member. He has also served as Honorary Secretary and then Vice President of the Royal Society of Medicine Otology Section.

As an expert in ENT he has written over seven hundred medicolegal reports. He was one of only six ENT Consultants from the UK invited to lecture on the first World Virtual Otology Conference in 2009. He has designed an operation to reconstruct the ear canal and has lectured on the first ten years outcomes at international meetings.

This website has been produced after many requests for further information from both patients and other ENT specialists following consultations and lectures he has given.

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Recent Lectures

The following lectures were given at national and international meetings in 2015.

Management of BPPV and Variants
Leicester Balance Course
October 2015

Eustachian Tube Disorders and their Management
British Academic Conference in Otorhinolaryngology
July 2015

Invited Chief Guest Speaker
Indian Society of Neuro-Otology Annual Conference
May 2015
Lectures given:
20 years in Balance Medicine
Diagnosis of Balance Disorders

Vestibular Rehabilitation for the dizzy patient in General Practice
National GPSI Update Course
May 2015

Vestibular Migraine and Vestibular Neuritis
National Balance Disorders Course
Royal College of Surgeons
March 2015

Vestibular Insufficiency
British Winter ENT Meeting
January 2015

Tinnitus - Innovations in Management
ENT Masterclass
Royal College of Surgeons
January 2015

Articles, Research Papers and Textbook Chapters

The Swing-Door Island Flap Canalplasty Technique
Nogueira C, Mallick F, Kaushal S, Banerjee A.
Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 2014 Jun

The dilated vistibular aqueduct: a diagnosis not to be missed
Hoosein MM, Banerjee AR, Vaidhyanath R.
J Emerg Med. 2012 Nov;43(5):e331-2.

Vestibular Migraine
Judd O, Banerjee AR
ENT Masterclass Journal
Feb 2014

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