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The Ear Nose and Throat Clinic is one of the UK’s leading websites for ENT conditions. If you have questions which you feel haven’t been answered by your doctor or are yet to see a doctor, the information on this website may give you a better understanding of a condition affecting you or your child.

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Problems Explained Simply

The Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic site has been designed by Mr. Anil Banerjee, an ENT Consultant and Balance Specialist.

It is important to remember that information obtained from this site is not designed to replace a consultation with an ENT specialist. Patients are always advised to seek professional medical help when confronted with an ear, nose or throat problem.

If you are a medical professional or other professional in healthcare, this website is also designed to give information to help in treating your patients.

Anil Banerjee has over eleven years experience as an ENT Consultant in one of the largest university teaching hospitals in the United Kingdom. He has a national and international reputation and lectures widely both in the UK and abroad on a variety of ENT subjects including imbalance and cosmetic nasal surgery.

His private practice is based in Leicester and he has clinics and operating sessions each week at:

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